Vulnerable Sharing | Letting go.

My Soul Sisters!

You have made it through week one. You have made an intention to create more space in your schedule, body and mind for newness to grow! Now, I have a challenge for you. Take a minute to feel (not think) for the answers to the following questions:

  • What are you realizing you do a lot of that is not bringing you joy?
  • What are you doing that feels like a waste of time?
  • Even if you feel you have to do it, what does not feel rewarding?
  • Are you hoarding? over-doing? over-scheduling? overworking? or taking forever to make a simple decision?
  • Are you straight up staying safe and comfortable because you are scared to let go of something that is kinda half serving you?
  • Fill in the blanks: When I do _________, I feel tense and tight.
  • Fill in the blanks: When I do __________, I feel alive and refreshed.
  • What are doing that is not creating more happiness in your life, but actually pulling you away from it!

Ok, ready?

Now, I want to encourage you to

(1) introduce yourself to the group.

(2) Share where you are currently located (so I can try to find a good time for the group calls)

(3) Share the biggest revelations or challenges from this week.

(4) Tell the group what it is you want to make a commitment to do less of so you can make more room for joyful, happy, peaceful, DREAMY things.

Whats the purpose you ask? See, when you say things aloud the words you say take on a different form. They become more clear. When you clearly hear these words (or see them written) they become more powerful. And there is one more benefit of sharing with your soul sisters (which I will ask you to do throughout the program), you feel more accountable to actually make these intentions happen because it isnt a 'secret' anymore.

Hallelujah! Good work this week ladies! Take a deep breath because I believe next week is the hardest of them all. But we got this!



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