Interactive Meditation | Finding your energy suckers

By taking a look at all the postures you practice in a day, such as sitting at your computer, walking the dog, eating dinner, and laying in bed, you can look into each moment of your day and see where you can easily start integrating more space. 

Review your daily schedule; how busy or distracted is your mind on a regular basis? Focus on your body; how tight or tense is it in particular postures? Look at your home; how cluttered is the space you live in? These are areas where we may be able to create more space in our lives. 

Consider these questions as you go about your day:

  • How can I create more space in my life? 
  • Where am I “wasting” or “losing” time?
  • What am I doing that doesn't bring me joy?
  • How can I make more space in my everyday life?
  • Where do I feel tight? 
  • Where do I hold my tension?
  • Am I spending most of my time busy? 
  • Am I easily distracted? Always running around? Overly busy?

The answers to these questions offer you a starting point for where you are going to begin focusing your efforts for creating more space. The areas best for creating space are where you feel your are wasting time or losing your sense of peace within each day. By bringing your awareness to what isn’t working in your life, the places for creating space become screamingly obvious.

Naturally, creating space involves letting go. When the process feels difficult, stay focused on what you are creating rather than on what isn’t working for you. 

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