The Soul Sessions

A 8 Week Program for Living More From The Heart.


The Soul Sessions is Your 8-Step Process to
Get Clear, Tune In, Make a Plan,
and Take Action.

Start Creating A Reality Of Your Dreams Today

**Because in case no one told you:
Your soul is begging to live a big, bold, meaningful life.


If dreams are intuitive messages from the soul, then our life purpose can only be to take those dreams and manifest them.

When we begin listening to this inner voice and allow it to guide our journey, our lives transform into an experience full of passion, meaning, purpose, excitement, inspiration, and happiness.

The Soul Sessions is an 8-week group program that includes an online course, group coaching calls, and a supportive dream-chasing community to guide and support you from where you currently are to where your soul is asking for you to go. By exploring the 8-step system of yoga and committing to the weekly exercises, you will create space, develop presence, feel on a deeper level, eliminate blockages holding you back and begin creating a new reality for yourself.

The Soul Sessions is designed to help you identify what your dreams are and create a strategy to manifest them. With a simple, easy-to-digest language, this practical + step-by-step program will guide and support you along this journey to understand the spiritual science of yoga and create a yoga practice (made by you, for you) for transforming your life in the exact ways you want and need.


  • Do you have big, bold dreams but are unsure how to start manifesting them?
  • Do you want to confidently know your life's purpose?
  • Do you wish for a more passionate and inspired life?
  • Are you ready to live with more soul and meaning?
  • Are you unsure what it is you want more of in your life?
  • Do you want the peace, happiness and contentment that you have heard yoga can bring you?
  • Are you feeling stuck, sad, unsettled and not sure how to get out of it?
  • Are you dealing with grief, heartbreak, depression, anxiety and/or general unhappiness?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, then you absolutely belong here!


  • You want to learn how the 8 steps of yoga can be used to manifest your dreams and grow your soul.
  • You want more clarity on what your purpose is and how you are going to move forward in that direction.
  • You want to speak the language of your intuition better by understanding how it works, how to connect with it, and how to use it more in your daily life.
  • You want to transform your current reality to become more, well, dreamy.
  • You want more peace, clarity, happiness, confidence, self-worth, and contentment.
  • You want to learn how to silence your self-sabotaging, highly-critical, anxious inner voice.
  • You want to create your own personalized yoga rituals (made by you, for you) to use as your own daily yoga practice for manifesting whatever it is you want.
  • You want a support community of like-minded, inspiring women who you relate and resonate with.


For many years, I was just getting by. I had big dreams, but I never went after them. And despite the thousands of hours of yoga and meditation I practiced, I was still not deeply happy, confident or satisfied. I definitely didn't feel I was living my "purpose."

For so many years, I was just surviving. When I began using yoga as an 8-step approach to living, this is when everything changed for me.


Yes, In fact, it is. It is a yoga course that feels more like a life coaching program based on the yogic tradition. This program offers a fresh, new perspective on yoga as an approach to living with more soul. Yoga comes from the Sanskrit word "Yuj" and means to connect or unite. This 8-step system was designed by the ancient yogis of India to help guide you towards your spiritual path bringing you closer to who you truly are

This is a yoga program that teaches yoga as an approach to life and strategy for manifesting your deep inner desires into a reality. You will learn how yoga can be used to find more happiness, peace, contentment, and purpose in your life.

  • If you are a yoga teacher or a yoga lover, you will gain a whole new appreciation for this spiritual science you already love.
  • If you are a beginner yogi, this course will show you how to use yoga as a method for creating significant change in your life.
  • If you are a spiritual seeker, you will gain a new approach to diving deeper into your soul through these 8 steps and their accompanying techniques and tools in a way never shares before.
** This course does not focus on the physical part of yoga. This is more of a big-picture, comprehensive understanding of yoga. A manual to living. The physical element of movement (what many people refer to as yoga) is only the tiniest portion of yoga as a whole.


  • You will gain clarity on what your heart and soul want.
  • You will learn a strategy to manifest anything your heart desires.
  • You will feel more happiness, love, peace and contentment in your life.
  • You will feel supported with the new-found community this program is bringing together.
  • You will begin to feel your life has more more purpose, more passion, and more soul
  • You will feel connected to your intuition, realize your dreams and see how manifesting those dreams is the most important thing you can do to guide your spiritual path and grow your soul.

“A yogi engages himself in a definite, step-by-step procedure by which the body and mind are disciplined, and the soul liberated”

Paramahansa Yogananda



Creating Space.

In Week 1, Our intention is to create more spaciousness in your life for newness to grow. This week we will explore: (1) all the yogi's rules for being a spiritual person (Yamas and Niyama) and (2) the yogic concepts and techniques for letting go and creating space (through asana). This week's focus is to take a magnifying glass and look into every single aspect of your life to find out what is serving you and what isn't. This week’s module will help you not only eliminate what isn't working in your life, but will help you create more room for what is working.


Get Present.

This week's module is a powerful lesson exploring how important presence and mindfulness are for not only manifestation, but our overall happiness. In week 2, I share practical exercises that will help you to live more in the here and now. There are guided breath work (pranayama) and meditation sessions for you to practice each day to continue clearing out what isn't serving you and tapping into the juicy golden nectar of your soul beneath the clutter. The goal of this week is to stop living in the future (hello, anxiety) by shifting your focus on the now (ahhh, there you are peace). Only when we are living in the present do we become aware of all of the opportunities always surrounding us. This week is about learning to concentrate with less distractions and anxieties so we can live in Eckhart Tolle's "power of now."


Stop and Feel.

This week, we will stop and feel, but like really, deeply, feel. This week's video and practices are dedicated to learning how to feel on a molecular and subconscious level by moving beneath our sensory outer layer (In yoga this is the step of pratyahra). In our modern world, we often avoid listening and feeling on a deep level because painful memories resurface pulling us away from our intuitive 6th sense always guiding us. By learning to feel, you become fluent in your soul's language, intuition. As you learn to deeply feel and become more intuitive, your dreams become louder and clearer (hello, epiphanies). As Carl Jung says, “Only the dreamer knows the dream.”

At the end of week three, you will create your own personalized Intuition Rituals. These rituals are the key baby steps to integrate into your life for getting crystal clear on what your dreams actually are.


Create Your Intuition Rituals.

This week, we create our own unique Intuition Rituals for making a daily habit to create more space, be in the here and now and stop and feel. When we do these three things, we begin feeling exactly what the soul is asking us to do. These rituals will be your own unique yoga session, made for you and by you (with a lot of help from me) to get you crystal clear on what your dreams actually are.



In this week's module, we explore what is stopping us. Nearly 90% of the time, your own limiting beliefs are sabotaging you from becoming the spiritual, successful, incredible person you are dreaming to be. The sixth step of yoga, dharana, helps us to understand how to reveal and remedy the ways we self-sabotage. You will learn powerful tools for unblocking deep-set limiting beliefs and removing obstacles from your manifestation path. In other words, you learn how to quit telling yourself you cant, by training your brain that you can.


Believe and Trust.

When it comes to manifesting, there are always magic and miracles involved. This week's module explores the energetic power of change within the universe and teaches you ways to embrace this energy. The second to final step of yoga is called dhyana and is a powerhouse of a lesson on giving up control and tapping into the bigger picture of the universe surrounding you. Only when you actually believe in yourself (self worth) and the universal energies around you (giving you oxygen and keeping your feet planted on the ground), then you are ready to manifest. We will be discussing the timeline of manifesting, rituals for prayer, how to create your own alter, practices for increasing self-worth and a whole lot more.



When it comes to manifesting, you need a good strategy. The focus of this week's teaching is creating your own manifestation rituals from all of the practices you have learned throughout the previous 5 weeks. Now that you know all the steps, the concepts, and the tools, it is time for you to create your own roadmap to get you from where you are to where you want to be. To do this, all you need are your simple little set of baby steps, i mean, manifestation rituals.

In this weeks module, we will also explore how manifestation is a path of spiritual growth. You have learned a process for manifesting not only a new apartment, but manifesting enlightenment, Heaven, Shangri-la, Zion, and liberation! Holy Moly! In yoga, this final stage is referred to as Samadhi and it is the ultimate moment of manifestation in many different ways. Wait until you watch this weeks videos, your mind will be blown! You definitely do not want to miss this week, It is a keeper!


Create Your Manifestation Rituals.

This week, we create our own unique Manifestation Rituals for making a daily habit to listen for our intuitions messages and also to use the last three steps of yoga to help you act on those messages completely. These rituals will be your own unique yoga session, made for you and by you (with a lot of help from me) to take your dream and bring it into your reality.


  • 8 weekly modules - each module includes: 1-2 conceptual explanatory videos as well as supporting practices and techniques such as guided meditations, breath work sessions, creative journaling sessions and soul sister sharing circles.
  • There will be coaching calls (hosted by me) to help you make the most of this program (hello, life coaching!).
  • The Soul Sessions Private FB group which is our online, virtual sharing circle for offering support, accountability, friendship, inspiration and good vibe energy for whenever you need it.
  • The most exclusive access to me that I have ever offered online. I am here for you through the whole program. I'm an open book for you to ask my anything and everything, and to help you do anything and everything! This amazing formula which has changed my life and I want nothing else but to see you fall in love with yoga (and your life!) all over again like I have.


You can put as much time and energy into this program as your heart craves. Ideally, you put your all into this, but I know what a busy like looks like. I am a mom, a business owner, a writer, a traveler, and a social butterfly (on and off the media). That is why I created this for you to do it whenever you have the time.

The lessons will open as the course moves along, so you can always come back to them after they open, but you cant do it all in a weekend, because you wont get results that way. The best way is to watch the video on the weekend and then commit to the practices through the rest of the week. You will have all the videos and the practices for life. So you can come back and re-create your set of rituals anytime you need (because as life changes, the rituals we need will do)

Just remember that the more you put in, the more you get out. Your level of commitment and the extent of your intentions through the program are up to you. You must decide for yourself if these 8 weeks are about diving deep or floating on the surface. That's the thing about soul-guidance, only you know the answer. (more on that once you are inside).


The formula we will work through in this program has absolutely changed my life. To me, this program is priceless.

**The course will be available again in the future (without the bonus of my actually coaching you through the course). Also, if you decide to wait just know I will be raising the price after this first launch. This is the most affordable with the best bonuses that this group program will ever be!

The time is now. You read this entire page to here! Lets do this already!

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Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course start and finish?
The Soul Sessions is a completely self-paced online course (once the doors open on July 7th.) To work through the program alongside me (yes, I will be committing to the weekly intentions of this program too), to take advantage of the 3 group calls and the Soul Sessions private FB group, then plan on taking this course with me from July 7 - August 17.
How long do I have access to the course?
After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you would like.
What if I am unhappy with the course?
I would never want you to be unhappy! If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, contact me within the first 15 days and I will give you a full refund.

Your Instructor

Kori Hahn
Kori Hahn

Kori Hahn is the founder of Santosha Society, a community place for living life with more "santosha" (contentment). She is a passionate yogi with over 20 years of yoga training and experience. Kori is a Yoga Alliance Certified Yoga Instructor and Government of India certified Ayurvedic Massage Therapist.

Kori's teaching style is influenced in Ashtanga Yoga, Yin Yoga, Integrative Restoration Method of Yoga Nidra, Vipassana Meditation, Bali Usada Healing Meditation, Tibetan Buddhism, Psychology, metaphysics and Ayurveda.